Let's End Police Presence in SCS

Legislation | 09/21/2021

Paul Garner
Tennessee Regional Outreach Director

Our change partners Bridge Builders Change: Counselors, Not Cops, and the Shelby County Youth Council need your help in asking Shelby County Schools Board to end the district's contract (MOU) with Shelby County Sheriff's Office. The termination of this contract would ensure that our young people are spared unnecessary contact with the justice system. In addition, removing Sheriffs from our schools and replacing them with service providers such as school counselors, social workers, and other services that our students need would create a supportive, caring, and positive learning environment in the classrooms and hallways during school hours.




Support our youth advocates' mission to #EndtheMOU by joining us on Tuesday, September 28th, at 4:45 PM at the Shelby County School Board (160 S Hollywood). Let your voice be heard by providing public comment and testimony on why we need to end unnecessary contact with law enforcement and the criminal justice system. If you can't make it, you can take action by using our simple online tool to send this letter to SCS Board members asking them to end the MOU here: bit.ly/endthemou


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