This Giving Tuesday

Current Events & News | 12/01/2020

Dominique Garrett
Communications and Community Engagement Manager

As an education advocate and Stand supporter, your support is vital to helping us achieve our mission of securing educational equity for students in Memphis and Shelby County. That’s why, on this Giving Tuesday, I hope you’ll consider becoming an Education Warrior by making a gift to Stand Tennessee and fund our community work.


Donate $25, and we will send you our limited edition “Black Lives Matter” T-shirt to wear with pride! This shirt is designed to show our dedication to fighting for racial equity and justice within local law enforcement and the educational equity we seek for our children’s future.

Donations received will go towards the resources needed to continue our work in our four areas of concern: Facilities and Funding, Graduation Success for College and Career, Breaking the School to Prison Pipeline, and Community Investment for All Youth. You can give your donation through our donation link by clicking here. Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery time.

Thank you in advance for your donation and continued support of our fight to make equity in education a reality for our children in Memphis. Feel free to keep up with us and our work via our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.


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