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TPC Voting Tomorrow: Updated Information


The Transition Planning Commission meeting tomorrow will be a very important one. Last week two TPC committees, the Administrative Organization and the Educational Services, presented their recommendations. Tomorrow the commission will vote on the administrative structure that will be recommended to the Shelby County School Board.

As we reviewed in a previous blog post, the Administrative Organization Committee presented two options for administrative structure; "The Path to Autonomy" and the "United" structure. The Path to Autonomy includes options for individual schools to operate autonomously and set their own policies while retaining some district services, while the United structure would have several regions led by regional superintendents that would report to the head superintendent.  As you can see in slide three of the Administrative Organization FAQ presentation (full presentation available below) that one of the major differencs between the two structures is in the location of the decision making authority:



The meeting, starting at 5pm and held in the meeting room at the Shelby County Code Enforcement, 6465 Mullins Station Road, Memphis, is open to the public. We encourage you to attend and review the updated TPC presentations below:

The Administrative Organization Committee:

 And the Educational Services Committee:


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