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Commercial Appeal Puts Teacher Evaluation on the Front Page


Memphis’s long-running daily newspaper, The Commercial Appeal, has teamed up with Sarah Garland from The Hechinger Report, a non-profit education journalism news organization, to present a three-part series focused on the roll-out of new teacher evaluation programs in Memphis and Shelby County Schools.  

Teaching excellence is a priority in our Put Education First campaign. We believe in supporting great teachers and encourage you to learn about the efforts our schools are taking to measure teaching success. 

It is not a simple process. For part one of the Commercial Appeal series, Garland provides a first-person observation of what she describes as a very contentious teacher evaluation. She goes on to Illustrate the idea that leaders in education reform see teaching as a science, something that can be learned, adjusted, and improved. The administrators quoted in her article sate the evaluations are intended to help teachers improve and some teachers are indeed finding the process helpful.  Find out more about this reform work in progress read the full article here. Come back to let us know your thoughts.

The second and third installments of the series will be published by the Commerical Appeal Monday, February 6th: New merit: Teachers' grades based on students' scores, and Tuesday February 7th: Hailed and assailed: Evaluation method gets mixed review.