Vote FOR the County Sales Tax

Why vote for the FOR county sales tax?

Support Public Schools. Increase Student Success.

  • Only 10% of all Shelby County students graduate high school prepared to attend college. We must support proactive measures that will ensure that children in our community are prepared for a lifetime of achievement, and start school ready and eager to learn.
  • 50% of revenue (approximately $30 million) generated by the 1/2 cent county sales tax increase will be used to fund initiatives that will improve education in Shelby County Schools, like expanding Pre-K access to all students, and investing more in teachers.

Strengthen our Communities.

  • In addition to making sure all kids have the resources and tools needed to succeed in school, by voting YES for the county sales tax referendum, you can help to secure funding needed to keep our neighborhoods safe, vibrant, and clean. Proceeds from the sales tax increase will support efforts to reduce crime, clean up blight, and to keep community centers and libraries open in the city of Memphis.
  • Elected leaders have also indicated that property taxes for homeowners in Memphis and Shelby County could increase by as much as .40 cents if the referendum does not pass on Election Day, November 6th. A vote YES for the county sales tax increase is a vote to keep property taxes down.



For less than 1 cent, we can Invest in Children and our Community.   


VOTE EARLY October 17th - November 1st  

ELECTION DAY November 6, 2012

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