All children deserve to attend a vibrant school.

Working together, we are generating a powerful demand for vibrant schools in our city.

Vibrant Schools, Vibrant Neighborhoods

Want vibrant schools? Let’s make it happen!

During the first half of May 2011, Stand for Children leaders conducted Vibrant Schools forums in several Metro schools and school clusters, with the goal of developing a dynamic expectations list based on the generated lists of the schools' strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. After compiling the results, below in yellow is the list of what we WANT for our schools and students. Want to join our movement and make it happen? Just email or call 615-726-1414 and we’ll let you know what our next steps are!

The sky's the limit for Intersessions!

As you know, the Metro Nashville Public School Board recently voted to adopt a district-wide balanced calendar starting with the 2012-13 school year. Intersessions are an exciting feature of this new calendar. During October 8-10, 2012 and March 18-22, 2013, intersessions are windows of time when students do not report to regular classes, but can instead elect to pursue a variety of academic opportunities, for extra help, enrichment, and college/career preparation. 

Stand for Children is excited to engage families to help shape intersessions into meaningful learning opportunities for all MNPS students.  In November 2011, we conducted a district-wide survey asking parents and teachers about their hopes for intersessions and the programs they would like to see offered. We shared these community-generated ideas with the district’s Intersession Task Force in December and continue to work with the district to help craft intersessions into the best learning opportunities possible.

Our Vibrant Schools Expectations:

  1. Human Capital: Excellent teachers; collaborative teaching; accessible principals that are instructional leaders; consistency of principal from year to year; involved parents and community; good communication and strong relationships between parents, teachers and leadership; guaranteed pathways and strong relationships between schools within a pathway; counselors; diverse school enrollment; strong support for special needs students; caring adults who treat young people with respect; students have a voice in their own learning
  2. Environment: Small, safe schools in walkable neighborhoods; welcoming, fun environment with big playgrounds; well-maintained buildings, beautiful landscape and community gardens; schools with good reputations; positive discipline; healthy lunches; small class sizes; consistency of school schedules annually; that middle schools have enough capacity to house their feeder elementary schools; computer labs; artwork displayed
  3. Curriculum and Instruction: College preparation; all students have the same opportunities to attain an excellent education; strong academics reflected in test scores; more opportunities for “gifted” children; honors classes; course offerings, thematic schools and student enrollment consistently aligned within pathways; that traditionally zoned schools are competitive with magnets; year-round school; project-based learning; block scheduling in high schools; online ways to graduate; Gradespeed; that middle school start at 6th grade; strong fine arts programs; individualized learning so all students are supported to excel; foreign languages offered early and continued up pathways; at least 30 min recess every day in elementary schools; well-stocked libraries; sports teams; summer camps; equity in resources across district; adequate school funding

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