Tell Shelby County: No New Budget Cuts!

Drastic potential funding cuts threaten the quality of our children’s education!

Despite chronic state underfunding, the elimination of city of Memphis funding, and only a 2% increase from Shelby County government since 2014, Shelby County Schools (SCS) has made major headway:

  • Four years as a Level 5 school district, top honor in the state of Tennessee
  • Academic improvement by students in 9 of 10 subject areas
  • 75% graduation rate, exceeding the district’s goal
  • Unprecedented growth in student achievement in the SCS iZone schools
  • Increased teacher support and effectiveness

Having already closed 17 schools, slashed central office staff, outsourced services, and drawn down its reserves, we can’t afford more budget cuts. While Shelby County Schools may ask for a lower amount, there is an identified $86 million budget gap that puts all of our children’s progress at risk.

  • The district budget has decreased by $200 million since 2013
  • The State of Tennessee continues to underfund the budget by more than $100 million
  • Over the last 10 years, Shelby County has increased funding to jails by 26% with only a 9% increase for education

Without leadership from the Shelby County Commission to meet the Shelby County Schools budget request, SCS will have to:

  • Layoff teachers and staff
  • Increase class sizes and reduce course offerings
  • Take away the vital extra hour of learning that has helped kids in our highest need schools
  • Cut access to the CLUE program and counselors
  • Require students to walk even further to school

Our children’s future and the safety and economic well-being of our community hang in the balance. Students across the community, both in SCS and the municipalities, will benefit if the County Commission invests in education. Parents and community members can lift their voices in support of fully investing in SCS along with the additional dollars required for municipal schools.

We are asking the Shelby County Commission to raise the revenue necessary to invest in the success of Shelby County students and ensure there are No More Budget Cuts!

I support:

  • Expanding high-quality Pre-K
  • Effective strategies to get more students reading on grade-level
  • iZone schools and other effective turnaround strategies
  • Great teachers in every classroom
  • Supports for families and students like CLUE, counselors, and transportation

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