TEI Community Ambassadors

Stand for Children and Communities for Teaching Excellence have partnered together to sponsor a Teacher Effectiveness Initiative Community Ambassador program in order to explain the importance of the TEI in Memphis. The Teacher Effectiveness Initiative is a comprehensive, intensive grant given by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation of 90 million dollars over the course of 5 years to improve teacher hiring, retention, support, practice, and compensation. The initiative recognizes that the teacher is the single-most important factor schools can control when it comes to student achievement and the investment has been made to help fortify the profession in Memphis.

Stand has recruited and trained 12 parents, teachers, and community members to tap into their community connections to deliver a 30 minute interactive group presentation and lead discussions on the importance of effective teaching and what this movement means to our city and our children. The presentation covers the personal, educational, and economic impact of good teachers and guides parents and community members through the TEI components. It is meant to inspire discussion, educational involvement, and demand for high quality education. Our ambassadors are charged with reaching 1,800 people all across the city and will be presenting in every corridor of Memphis; from neighborhood associations to churches to small and large businesses. It is our hope that this will ignite a much needed conversation among our citizens about the importance of effective teaching.

If you are interested in hosting a TEI conversation with one of our ambassadors for a group you are involved with, please fill out the form below:

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