Day of Discussion

Let's ensure this superintendent is the right one. Host a Discussion Party.

GOAL: Stand will use feedback from these meetings as a basis for a comprehensive report to the School Board, to help elected officials choose the right superintendent. We believe true community feedback is essential to the selection process, so we want to build a bridge between the board and its constituents in diverse places all across our county. This is why it is very important for all participants to complete the feedback form at the end.

  1. Step One: Let Stand know you want to host a discussion party

    Get a group of your friends or colleagues and we will help you lead a discussion to collect this feedback. Times and locations are up to you. Email Jaclyn Suffel at to become a host and she will provide you with additional details. 
  2. Step Two: Get your materials to help you guide the conversation
  3. Step Three: Party for a Good Cause!

    Meet up with your friends any time, anywhere, and have fun! Socialize, catch up, and then discuss what you all want to see in our next superintendent. Make sure to use our hashtag - #standdayofdiscussion when you tweet or post pictures to Facebook or Instagram.

  4. Can't host or attend a discussion party but still want to have your voice heard?

    Stand knows you're busy! That's why we have created an online feedback form for you to complete in case you can't make it to a party. Here is the link:



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