Our Successes

Success with Stand UP

In the summer of 2012, Stand UP graduated 20 parents of students at Douglass Optional School and parents, teachers and the principal raved about the program’s positive impact. Encouraged by this success, we expanded the program that fall, graduating 150 more parents at Riverwood Elementary, Raineshaven Elementary and Douglass School. This spring we graduated 60 from classes at Germanshire Elementary, Westside Achievement Middle School, and Chimney Rock Elementary. To date, Stand UP has engaged 350 parents and graduated 210.

Quotes from Stand UP participants:

“I talked to my child this past week about going to college, and I never knew he wanted to go. We immediately started to talk about doing homework, and getting better grades. This Stand UP program is working for us at home.”

“Not until Stand UP did I realize how important it is that I not only be involved in my child’s education, but that I need to be an advocate for other children … This program is teaching the parents at this school why and how parents can be engaged in this school and the community.”
“No one has ever talked to me about believing my child can go to college – this program is allowing me and others to see how we can get my daughter there.”

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