Memphis Stand for Children Leadership Center

Our efforts are only as successful as our leaders! Therefore we provide the training you need to ensure your children get the best education they deserve!

The Stand Leadership Center offers free classes and sponsors educational events to help parents and community members recognize and demand a high quality education and to become strong advocates for all children in Tennessee.


Classes will be offered monthly and the topics rotate every month.

What will I learn?

Some topics that could be covered in classes and events are:

How our school systems work
1. How do I know if my child has an effective teacher? What is TEI? How does TEI affect me?
2. What is the consolidation of Memphis City Schools and Shelby County Schools? How do they affect me?  Who is on the new school board and transition committee? What can I do?
3. What are standards and assessments? How do they work? 4. What are charter schools? Why are they important?

Skill building

1. How can I become a better public speaker
2. How can I write a great letter to my legislator?
3. How can I help organize other parents?

Engaging the system
1. How can I have an important conversation with my child’s teacher about her progress in class?
2. How does a bill become a law in Tennessee?
3. How can I get involved in the 2012 school board campaign?

Other events include:

  • Candidate Forums
  • Voter Education
  • Education Study Circles
  • Ed-Chats
  • Community Forums

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