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Friends of Metro Schools

About Friends of Metro Schools

Friends of Metro Schools is a coalition of community residents and organizations working to make education a top priority during the state and local budget process. 

Over the last year, Metro Nashville Public Schools have achieved significant improvements in school performance and graduation rates. However, an increasingly tight education budget puts these gains at risk. At a time when strong schools are more important than ever to our community’s health and prosperity, Nashville’s local school budget is becoming more difficult to fund. With a growing number of impoverished children in our school system we must ensure that our public schools have the resources they need to help all our children thrive.

Each year, mandatory costs rise, including a number of unfunded federal mandates. This means that the schools need additional funds just to maintain the current level of services they provide. To make sure Nashville students succeed, we need to provide them with smaller class sizes and to recruit, mentor, and retain highly qualified teachers. Friends of Metro Schools will ensure funding levels are adequate so that every child has access to a high quality public education. 

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