State House District 31- Ron Travis

Stand for Children Tennessee endorses Ron Travis for State House District 31


Bio- Ron Travis pledges to represent the constituents of District 31 with dignity and respect, with accountability and a strong representation. A native of East Tennessee, he and his family reside there and care deeply about the future of the district and state. As a local business owner‚ he feels his strong work ethic and experience are vital in representing Nashville. Travis commits to serve with fairness and welcome accountability.

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Why I Stand for Children- I really appreciate Stand’s endorsement. Their efforts to get parents and teachers more involved in decisions that affect our kids makes a lot of sense to me. I look forward to continuing the fight for our kids to have the 21st century skills they need to go to college and to be competitive in tomorrow’s workforce.

Why Stand for Children Endorses Ron- The children in House district 31 have an advocate with Ron Travis in the legislature. Ron keeps an open mind and an open-door policy for parents and teachers. Further, he knows that preparing our kids for college and the 21st century workforce are the keys to their economic futures.

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