District 9- Roshun Austin

Stand for Children Tennessee endorses Roshun Austin for Shelby County School Board District 9


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Why I Stand for Children- I was immediately overcome with gratitude and a sense of great expectation upon having received the endorsement from Stand for Children. I followed Stand from its beginning, and I have a strong connection to the work of serving and advocating on behalf of children. Stand has forged a path, and this endorsement further fuels my passion to push forward with the interest of ensuring all children a first-class public education for first-class futures.

Why Stand for Children Endorses Roshun- Roshun Austin brings a new perspective to the board as an active community development professional. In her work in community development, she has built houses, supported home buying, advocated for neighborhoods, and, just recently, oversaw the opening of a community market in South Memphis. She also has experience in the classroom, as a former educator. Roshun’s broad experience offers an understanding of neighborhoods and how the education landscape impacts and is impacted by all the aspects of our community, a commitment to defining goals and ensuring accountability measures, and a compassionate business focus. We look forward to the great impact we know Roshun will have on the Shelby County School Board, and strongly endorse her candidacy to represent the people of District 9.

Roshun Austin is a consensus builder, in her interview she said, "industries work in silos, we don't join hands." While in the classroom, this is one of the things that has frustrated me the most in my school building, the district, and across school systems. Educating our youth is a national goal, and Roshun Austin is prepared to engage the community and build bridges in order to ensure that we are giving the education community what it needs. I believe that in order for policies to be effectively executed, the school board needs leaders who are prepared to listen to, educate, and energize the community. - Ellen Clayton, Member

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