Founded in 2001, Nashville Stand for Children is a grassroots advocacy organization that is working to organize the collective power of our community to create a political voice for children and make lasting changes in our education system. As a local affiliate of one of the leading education advocacy organizations in the nation, we bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise from around the country to effectively engage the community to advocate for local, district, and statewide policies that change the outcomes for all of our kids.


Our mission is to ensure that all children, regardless of their background, graduate from high school prepared for, and with access to, a college education.  To make that happen, we:

  • Educate and empower parents, teachers, and community members to demand excellent schools
  • Advocate for effective local, state, and national education policies and investments and ensure that those policies impact classrooms and students
  • Elect courageous leaders who will stand up for our priorities

Our Local Successes

  • Stand for Children helped expand Pre-K in Nashville in 2014 by members being present and having their voices heard, and showing support to the government leaders that were moving it forward. 
  • Stand for Children was instrumental in changing the local school lottery to the fall application process, which will help educate and empower parents to demand excellent schools.  Through the new application process, parents are now encouraged to tour schools and guided to particular schools that are a recommended fit for families.
  • Stand for Children played a central role in launching an annual school choice survey with Vanderbilt Peabody College and MNPS to track parent preferences and choice trends longitudinally.  Survey results informed the development of our Vibrant Schools Expectations list
  • Stand for Children mobilized more than 6,000 voters to help defeat an "English only" referendum that would have harmed children and schools, as part of the Nashville for All of Us coalition.
  • Stand for Children endorsed and campaigned for 2 candidates in the 2010 school board elections.  Both candidates were successfully elected.

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