Founded in 2005, our Memphis office is working to organize the collective power of parents, teachers, and community members to create a political voice for children and make lasting changes in our education system. As a local affiliate of one of the leading education advocacy organizations in the nation, we bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise from around the country to effectively engage the community to advocate for local, district, and statewide policies that change the outcomes for all of our kids.

In Memphis, Stand for Children consists of almost 700 dues-paying members, representative of over 35 school and community teams and 70 zip codes in the mid-south area.

Our Successes

Locally Stand for Children members have:

  • Helped secure and continue to assist in the implementation of the Teacher Effectiveness Initiative Grant from the Gates Foundation and serve as a lead partner in the work from 2009 until present day.
  • Ensured that the community was educated, engaged, and voted during the Memphis City Schools/Shelby County Schools Consolidation.
  • Advocated for the on-time start of schools and the mediation of the funding crisis between the Memphis School Board and the Memphis City Council in 2011.
  • Launched Stand UP, an 8-week university for parents who want to prepare their children for college and career that has graduated over 200 parents all across the community. 
  • Participated in Education Study Circles, five-week education to action programs; a combined total of 21 individuals have been trained as Education Study Circles Facilitators.
  • Offered the public over 75 educational events. In total over 2,500 people have attended these events, and remain contacts for our organizational messaging and outreach. Our educational outreach continues around issues like the common core, the superintendent search, the consolidation, and parental engagement.
  • Ran a comprehensive school board campaign and won 4 out of the 7 seats on the 2013 unified school board.

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