Too often, success in our public schools is being determined by the skin color of our children and the zip code we live in.

Consider this: Only 7% of Black students in IPS passed the ILEARN exam, while only 11% of Latino students achieved that benchmark. If your child is white and attends IPS, he or she is 4 ½ times more likely to test on grade level compared to a Black student.

My children, and all children, are capable of greatness. I see it every day as a mom who is highly engaged in my kids’ learning. But is our public education system set up to tap into this greatness? Too often, the answer is no – especially for the students who look like mine.

It’s time to fight for a more just and equitable IPS. That’s why a group of IPS parents (like me) have drafted this plan and are advocating for recommendations that will boost results for all kids, but especially for Black and Brown students who are being impacted by generations-old inequities and injustices.

Even if you do not have a child in IPS, we have a collective responsibility to do all we can to bring hope to the children whose lives and futures have already been upended by a pandemic and centuries-old systemic racism.

You have the power to help, to heal, to lift-up students just like mine. It’s time to take a stand for better, more just schools in IPS. Will you join me?

-Swantella Nelson, IPS parent








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