Stand University for Parents Curriculum Overview

Stand University for Parents (Stand UP), which is an initiative of the Stand for Children Leadership Center, is an intensive and interactive program designed to help parents support their children’s academic performance by creating dynamic learning environments at home and partnering effectively with educators. It is, in brief, professional development for parents.

Conducted in partnership with schools serving at-risk students in grades pre-K through 8, Stand UP is an eight-week program: one introductory meeting, six academic classes, and one graduation. Our six academic classes are focused on actionable steps parents can take immediately to get involved in their children’s academics and to put their children on track to college.

We teach, practice, and revisit a few key topics: parental role-definition, parent-school relationships, understanding and acting on student data and grades, and specific strategies to help students learn at home. The classes are a mix of information-sharing, discussion, role-plays, and small-group activities designed to build camaraderie within the class and to ensure an experiential learning environment for the parents.

Stand UP works to improve the quality of parenting by increasing parents’ knowledge of key education milestones critical for the academic success of their children, encouraging their active participation in school events, and empowering them to be civically engaged in their communities.

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