Member Benefits Available in Spanish

One of the most important lessons our parents and members at Stand for Children have learned is that we are the greatest defenders of our children’s best interest. While we are their greatest defenders our children’s interests are only one of the many priorities we must handle in our lives. You are also important and should be a priority! If you can be our children’s biggest supporter, you can also be your greatest defender if you are equipped with the right resources.

At Stand for Children we want to ensure we offer our members the resources they need to succeed. We offer our members these resources through access to a portal that connects volunteers with resources on income tax assistance, legal services, rental resources, financial counseling, utility savings, and health insurance. Most importantly, these resources and instructions on how to access them are all available in Spanish!

We are grateful for your time and your dedication to our fight to give children and youth in our communities a better future. Now we want to return the favor. We have made sure these important resources and services are all available in English and Spanish.

Follow these simple instructions to begin accessing your member benefits.

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