Innovation is Working in IPS Schools

Innovation schools in IPS are working. Nearly one in five IPS students, more than 7,800, now attend these schools. In 2017, nearly every innovation school in Indy saw an increase in its passing rates on the state ISTEP test. Some saw a jump of more than 8 percent, and seven of eight schools whose students took the test had higher passing rates on both the math and English tests from the previous year.

Six of the nine A-rated IPS schools are innovation schools. Parents who's children are stuck in struggling schools across the district are taking notice of these results and are pushing for more innovation. Just this month, two additional schools with F-ratings were added to the innovation network and given the chance to develop and improve under a new system of leadership. One parent advocating for change at her childrens' school was Judith Fleurimond. Read why she thinks innovation at IPS School 14 is the answer.

Learn more about how innovation is working in IPS, and how it can continue to make the difference in providing a quality education for children no matter their zip code.

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