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Colorado Leaders Weigh in on Early Literacy Recommendations

Our team has been studying what can be done to improve early literacy in Colorado and better support educators who are responsible for teaching reading. Our report, Improving Early Literacy in Colorado: Realizing the Promise of the READ Act outlines specific recommendations to the Colorado Department of Education and the State Board of Education. Colorado leaders weigh in on these recommendations below. 

“The recommendations put forth by Stand for Children for higher education and the implementation of the READ Act have the potential to deepen our grasp of the strengths and growth opportunities for teacher preparation programs in Colorado. The proposals to review preparation programs and to reconsider licensure requirements for elementary candidates in relation to research-based literacy instruction, in particular, offer rich possibilities for teacher education to obtain and use actionable feedback and data in our continuous cycle of improvement.” Dr. Brian Sevier, Associate Dean of Education at Metro State University, Denver 

“As an instructional coach, I’ve seen firsthand the value of a robust educational foundation in children, particularly when it comes to reading. Having strong literacy skills at an early age benefits students throughout their time in school. I can’t stress enough how essential it is for educators to have a solid background in teaching literacy education—teaching a classroom of early learners how to read will help their students become successful in all of their core content classes. This plan outlines steps to help ensure that Colorado educators have the support they need so they can focus on the essential components of teaching children to read.” Elizabeth Maneeley, educator, CLDE Harrison District 2, Colorado Springs, CO

“The READ Act was a critical first step to ensuring that Colorado students read by third grade, but we need to ensure that teacher prep programs are setting up our educators to effectively teach literacy.  Stand Colorado’s report outlines three critical actions that are not only achievable but also practical.  I look forward to working with Commissioner Crandall and my fellow State board members as we review the recommendations and begin working with stakeholders to implement them.” Steve Durham, Chairman of Colorado State Board of Education

“Our state has some of the most compelling early literacy policies in the country, and we must ensure that our laws are carried out with fidelity. Our priority with these recommendations is to ensure that educators have the support they need to help every Colorado student read by the end of 3rd grade. We look forward to working closely with the State Board and Department to advance these important recommendations.” Jeani Frickey Saito, Executive Director, Stand for Children Colorado



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