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Stand for Children organizes real people to speak up and raise their authentic voices to make sure decision makers are keeping children at the center of their policy priorities. Our members show up, speak out, organize their communities, and vote.

Meet the parents and educators who are taking a stand for quality education in their communities.

Monica Poblete - Oklahoma Parent Leader

For Monica Poblete, the American Dream means seeing her kids graduate from high school and college prepared for success in their lives ahead. Raised by a single mother in Mexico City, Poblete didn’t get the     chance  to finish school, so making sure her kids have all the tools to succeed is her top priority. As a Parent Leader with Stand for Children, Poblete gets other parents involved in taking action to demand excellent   schools in  their community.

“I can make a difference – not just in the lives of my two kids, but in the lives of children all across our state.”

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Darlene Williams - Illinois Parent Leader

When Darlene Williams learned that Stand for Children was sending parents to Washington D.C. to speak with legislators about an important education policy, she conquered her fear of flying to make the trip. Williams joined parents from across the country to raise her voice and advocate for quality education for all children. As a parent leader, Williams met with Illinois legislators to share her story and talk about the particular school issues that face kids and parents in her community.

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Nathlie Harris - Indiana Parent Board Member

Growing up in a low-income, poverty-stricken part of Indiana, Nathlie Harris felt lucky to have the opportunity to receive a quality education at a school she was bused to in a nearby township. When Harris moved back to her hometown later in life, she was dismayed to see that the many challenges and hardships that faced her community then had worsened. Harris joined Stand for Children to unite with other parents and voice her concern for her community. “I believe we can have great communities if we have great schools.”

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Rosalia Maldonado - Arizona Parent Leader

Rosalia Maldonado got involved with Stand seven years ago when she attended a parent meeting and learned how she as a parent could advocate for quality education in her school district. Since then, she has worked to organize and educate other parents on how they can get involved in their children’s schools.

"It's important to have parents informed in order to make the best decisions for our kids' education."

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Dionne Eatmon - Washington Stand UP Graduate

Dionne Eatmon signed up for Stand University for Parents (Stand UP) after hearing about the program from her daughters’ elementary school principal. Through the course, she learned about the important role parents can play in their children’s success in school, and she now takes an active part in her children’s education. After graduating from Stand UP, Eatmon joined her daughters’ school’s PTA and works to improve education for all kids in her community.

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Elsa Flores - Massachusetts Member Leader

Thanks to her passion and dedication to improving education in her community, Elsa Flores was named Stand for Children’s Member of the Year in 2015. No action item is too big or too small for Flores, who joined Stand in 2013 to advocate for her sons’ education. Flores signs online petitions, attends legislative hearings, and speaks with her legislators about the impact of quality education. Flores supports other parent members in their advocacy and also helps to recruit new members, turning up the volume on parent voices in the education system.

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Ginger Spickler - Tennessee Parent Member

Ginger Spickler first heard about Stand during a charter surrender issue in her local school district. After learning how she could make her voice heard during the Transition Planning Commission’s meeting, Spickler wanted to do more to speak up about education issues that affect Memphis Children. Spickler has served as a parent facilitator for several Stand University for Parent (Stand UP) courses and helps empower other parents to take a stand for quality education for their children.

"I believe that Stand has been one of the strongest forces locally for organizing parents and other stakeholders to represent the best interests of kids."

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David McDaniel - Texas Teacher Member

Before joining Stand two-and-a-half years ago, David McDaniel assumed that people making education decisions were always doing what was best for kids and had way more knowledge and expertise about policy. He learned that in actuality, parents, teachers, and those closest to students have to speak up and make sure what’s best for kids isn’t lost in the shuffle of education politics. As part of the Stand Educator Network, McDaniel works with other teachers to solve problems and make a difference in their students’ lives.

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