Our Priorities

For nearly 25 years, Stand for Children has advocated for better and equal education standards for all children by utilizing a strong three-pillared approach: Parents, Politics, and Policy. The effectiveness of this approach, coupled with organizing and empowering parents and community, has led to policy, legislation, election, and budget wins across our nine states.

Access to Literacy

Every Child Reads is a Stand program that helps parents take an active role in supporting their children’s literacy education. Since reading education happens not just in the classroom but also at home, participating families receive tablets loaded with thousands of age-appropriate, on-level books to make it easy to read together at home. Together, we can enable each student to achieve on-grade expectations for reading.


High School Success

The bridge from middle school to high school is a crucial time for students and can dictate the course of a child’s future success. We firmly believe that every child should have the tools and support to succeed in high school and, therefore, be positioned to succeed in life. With this, Stand developed the Graduate Positioned for Success (GPS) program. GPS is a research-informed, family engagement package that seeks to empower parents with the skills and knowledge they need to help position their child for success.

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