Our Priorities

For nearly 25 years, Stand for Children has advocated for improved and equitable education standards for all children by utilizing a strong three-pillared approach: Parents, Politics, and Policy. The effectiveness of this approach, coupled with organizing and empowering parents and community, has led to policy, legislation, election, and budget wins across our nine states.

Fair School Funding

Stand is committed to reversing the chronic underfunding of public schools. In Arizona, Stand successfully led the effort to pass Proposition 208/the Invest in Ed initiative, which will raise $940 million per year to help address the state’s teacher shortage crisis, hire counselors, nurses, social workers and aides, and double investment in career and technical education (CTE). This follows the historic Measure 98 funding Stand helped secure in Oregon, which includes targeted investments in CTE dropout prevention strategies and dual credit opportunities in high schools throughout the state.


High School Success

Ninth grade is the make-or-break year in a student’s high school journey. To ensure students have the necessary support to succeed, Stand created the Center for High School Success. Through partnerships with high school educators, CHSS provides training, coaching, data analysis, peer learning opportunities, and tools and resources to help significantly increase the number of 9th graders who finish the year on-track to graduate on time.


Racial Justice

Systemic racism has always been at the root of educational inequity. When Black and Brown children are denied access to high-quality public education, it cuts off opportunities for the future. Stand is working to ensure students of color have equitable access to resources and opportunities by advocating for policy changes in school districts, state legislatures, and the federal government that combat systemic racism, both in the classroom and beyond. This includes efforts to remove police from schools, identify and encourage the use of anti-racist curriculum, increase educator diversity, and reform the unjust money bail system.

Stand launched the Center for Antiracist Education (CARE) in February 2021 to work with educators across the nation to identify antiracist curriculum, build antiracist expertise, and demonstrate what works in the collective effort to make schools places of healing, not harm.

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