Center for High School Success

The Colorado Center for High School Success (CHSS) provides free training, coaching, data supports, and peer learning through a ninth grade success network to districts and high schools interested in applying effective strategies as a key lever for increasing graduation rates. 


The Center for High School Success provides the following supports to partner schools and districts to boost their 9th grade on-track rates in the short term and close socioeconomic and racial achievement gaps in the long term:    

Coaching support:  Access to job-embedded coaching for a ninth grade success team of teachers and student support professionals on using data to identify, design, and effectively implement supports for students showing early off-track indicators.

Data Analytics for Continuous Improvement: Access to an advanced integrated data system allowing real-time access to actionable student behavior, attendance and grade data.  Direct support with analyzing, synthesizing, and acting on data findings is provided throughout the school year and guides improvement plans and processes.

Ninth Grade Success Network:  Demonstration site visits, and quarterly network collaboratives where school teams learn from fellow educators in the region about what tactics are yielding the best results.

Training:  Participants start their work with a two-day Institute that applies cutting-edge research on Freshman On-Track Indicators and adolescent development.  This specialized training covers the fundamentals of how to implement proven Ninth Grade Success practices and strategies to accelerate impact and raise graduation rates.

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