Representative Tobias Read, State Treasurer

Why we endorsed Rep. Tobias Read for State Treasurer

While in the Oregon State Legislature, Rep. Read proved his commitment to closing the achievement gap, so all children, no matter their background, have a shot at success in their K-12 careers and beyond. If elected as state treasurer, Rep. Read emphasized how he will operate in his role to continue to fight on behalf of Oregon’s children:

“As an ex-officio member of the State Board of Education, I'll advocate for funding for Career and Technical Education programs, Early College Credit programs, and Dropout Prevention Strategies. The State Treasurer has the opportunity to make this case on a financial basis, and I'll use my position to do so.”

In addition to supporting the pillars of Measure 98 on this November’s ballot, Rep. Read is fully supportive of expanding on initiatives to improve third grade literacy. Children who are reading on grade level by the end of third grade are much more likely to graduate on time:

“We know that getting kids to read by third grade dramatically increases the odds of their future success. It's important that the state board find ways to empower districts to make these investments in ways that work best for their students, parents, and teachers.”

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