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Representative Tina Kotek, House District 44

Why we endorsed House Speaker Tina Kotek

In the 2015 legislative session, House Speaker Tina Kotek, did a tremendous job bringing coalitions of organizations and lawmakers together to forge a path towards compromises that will benefit students for years to come. Again in the 2016 legislative session, she masterfully helped to pass our priority legislation, including the ELL and chronic absenteeism bills. For her role in convening and gathering input from broad sets of stakeholders, Rep. Kotek was recognized as an outstanding legislator on our 2016 legislative scorecard. She also scored a solid 85 percent on the scorecard.

Speaker Kotek is incredibly committed to hearing from her constituents and she is always willing to speak with our members. This past spring, she joined us on her Saturday morning for our member summit. We look forward to continuing this important work alongside Speaker Kotek.

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