Teresa Alonso Leon, House District 22


Teresa Alonso Leon has experience engaging parents in their child’s education to reduce chronic absenteeism and improve literacy. She has intimate knowledge of the hurdles and challenges families face at home, how that impacts learning and what can be done to set all students up for success.

Why we endorsed Teresa Alonso Leon

We trust Rep. Betty Komp who trusts Teresa Alonso Leon to continue her legacy. Both education leaders are deeply passionate about improving attendance rates in our schools. Teresa has even visited families at their homes to pick up students she knew were staying home from school.

Teresa values community partnership to improve programming and wraparound supports for young students. She frequently speaks with parents and educators in her district to learn about the challenges that students and families face that impact learning. She’ll be an important advocate to bridging the gap between leadership, community partners and schools in order to make a difference for our kids.

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