Representative Susan McLain, House District 29

Why we endorsed Rep. Susan McLain

As a member of the House Education Committee, Rep. Susan McLain holds a key leadership role in determining education policies that affect Oregon students. Better yet, she is aligned with our priorities for the 2017 legislative session: improving high school graduation rates by expanding vocational education and college prep; ensuring more students are reading on grade level by the end of third grade, a key measure to determining a student’s odds of graduating from high school on time; and addressing Oregon’s high rates of absenteeism.

As a former teacher, Rep. McLain cares deeply about improving Oregon’s high school graduation rate – one of the worst in the country – so more children have the opportunity to achieve their dreams. She endorsed Measure 98 to expand programs proven to raise both the graduation rate and success rates after high school. Rep. McLain looks forward to being part of the rulemaking process to ensure implementation of Measure 98 goes smoothly, and that these vital programs reach the classroom and truly make a difference.

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