2012 Successes

Lane County Stand for Children wins funding for after-school program

Lane County Stand for Children won the funding for BEST after-school program! Thanks to our advocacy, 120 of our lowest-income 4J kids will still have quality after-school care, included targeted academics, arts, structured recreation, then dinner and transportation home, for 12 hours a week next year. The District will give another $60,000 this year. This is life-changing for our children.

Children growing up in poverty have many more obstacles to success in school and in life. In Eugene, 70 to 75% of our students graduate high school in a given year, but only 55 to 60% of low-income students do. To address this Achievement Gap, local Stand members will continue to urge our District to better support our families who need it most, as well as protect proven programs that get kids up to grade level, and provide them with equal opportunities. 

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2011 Successes

After over a year of pressing our case, School District 4J has made improving principal and teacher evaluations a top priority. Currently, many teachers are left on their own to “sink or swim”. New evaluations will provide useful feedback, direction, and accountability. Other districts have shown that this helps teachers, and improves instruction in the classroom.

Oregon Stand helped pass laws to improve the leadership of the State Department of Education, help low-income students stay in high school and take college classes, and prioritize full day kindergarten in Oregon.

Lane County Stand for Children proudly endorsed and worked for Stand member Mary Walston, who won election to the 4J School Board. We also endorsed great School Board members Craig Smith, Alicia Hays, and Beth Gerot, who all won re-election.

2010 Successes

Local Stand members going door-to-door in true grassroots outreach were key in the election of State Representative Val Hoyle. Val has proven to be an independent voice and champion for kids and schools in Salem.

Measures 66 and 67 passed, protecting schools and vital public services from $727 million in cuts. Thanks to our hundreds of volunteers who helped make it happen! Read more about our efforts in the Register-Guard.

2009 Successes

Stand for Children Leader Jennifer Geller made organizational history by winning election to the Eugene 4J School Board. Jennifer is one of four Stand leaders around the state to take this important step. Stand-endorsed candidate Beth Gerot who won re-election to the School Board.

2008 Successes

Lane County Stand was the key volunteer force in renewing the 4J local option levy, protecting 10% of the 4J district’s funding - the equivalent of operating two of our high schools for a year. We helped renew this levy in 2004 also.

Other successes

  • Recognizing that school reform is a statewide issue, more than 600 Lane County Stand for Children members have traveled to Salem since 2003 to speak out for better schools. We have attended rallies, contacted elected officials, and garnered media to speak out for kids.
  • In 2005, 2007, and 2009, Stand for Children and our state allies successfully lobbied the state Legislature for increased K-12 funding. This helped mitigate the cuts to programs and the increase in class size, despite large cuts in the 2010 and 2011 school years.
  • In November, 2006, we were instrumental in electing pro-schools state Representative Chris Edwards, defeating a strong incumbent through hundreds of hours of grassroots outreach.
  • In 2006, we successfully stopped the sales of all soda and “junk” food in Eugene 4-J schools.
  • The Eugene 4-J School District purchased a new K-8 Language Arts curriculum. Stand for Children members had serious concerns that the District would require every teacher at every school to use these materials in the exact same order for every student. Our members and 4-J teachers speaking out made the district modify its stance, so teachers can be flexible to meet the needs of individual students.
  • In 2001, we helped stop devastating cuts to the early childhood teacher training program at Lane Community College. This program provides dozens of trained early childhood teachers to the community, improving the quality of care for hundreds of young children. We also secured city, county, state, and federal grants to provide scholarships and wage incentives to early childhood providers to improve their education and skills. The Chapter secured the original funding in 2002 - $50,000 from the Lane County Board of Commissioners and a 3-year, $150,000 matching federal grant.

Thank you to the Stand members who contributed hundreds of hours to these critical campaigns.


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