Representative Knute Buehler, House District 54


Rep. Knute Buehler is a thoughtful and kind family man who looks out for others’ well-being and happiness. As a lawmaker, he’s focused on the people and not the politics. Rep. Knute Buehler is a successful doctor and inventor. He brings his same caring, inventive spirit to the Oregon legislature. He values bipartisan solutions, humanizes policy and finds ways to connect diverse perspectives and arrive at innovative solutions.

Rep. Buehler has introduced and sponsored several pieces of legislation with similar goals as Measure 98: address the high school dropout rate, enhance STEM and CTE programs, and reduce absenteeism. As a public endorser of Measure 98, he will help see it through to implementation upon its passage.

We look forward to working again with incumbent Rep. Knute Buehler in uniting both parties behind what’s important: our kids.

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