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Julie Fahey, House District 14


Julie’s responses in her questionnaire were incredibly aligned with our priorities, and with what will make a difference for children this upcoming legislative session: 

“It’s clear that Oregon’s low high school graduation rate is one of the most significant problems in our education system today. I believe we need to break down the problem into the factors that research indicates have the highest impact on graduation rates over the long term (e.g., reading proficiency by 3rd grade, absenteeism, CTE programs) and address those factors in evidence-based ways.”

Why we endorsed Julie Fahey

Julie holds all the qualities that make a great leader and lawmaker. She has a strong sense of community, she is an excellent listener and she is acutely aware of how the dominant narrative overlooks the needs of many. Julie will bypass the path that could make her popular in favor of the path that’s best for children.

With Stand leaders and members, she stressed the importance of early learning opportunities, and early literacy programs specifically, for closing the achievement gap and raising high school graduation rates. Children who are not reading on grade level by the end of third grade, she says, are unlikely to catch up with their peers and face significant hurdles to success in school. For these reasons, she believes Oregon should invest resources in improving literacy in the early grades, rather than in remediation in later years.

In her role as a human resources consultant, Fahey has worked to address issues such as how to stem the tide of new teachers leaving the teaching profession, how to provide meaningful opportunities for teachers to develop and grow throughout their careers, and how to make sure that teachers’ pay is better aligned with their importance in our society.  

She’s smart, she’ll be bold, and she values data-informed decision-making to improve Oregon schools and increase student success. We can’t wait to get to work with her!

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