Representative Jeff Reardon, House District 48


Rep. Jeff Reardon was called out twice on our recently published legislative scorecard. Not only did he get a 100 percent on our legislative scorecard, but he played a leadership role on priority legislation.

Why we endorsed Rep. Jeff Reardon

Rep. Jeff Reardon is a true champion for Oregon students. He was the first lawmaker to endorse Measure 98, which will expand the programs proven to raise Oregon’s abysmal high school graduation rate and college/career preparedness. Rep. Reardon strongly believes in career technical education (CTE) and he was instrumental in providing funding in 2015 for the CTE revitalization program. He has a proven track record on education legislation, and he will no doubt play a leadership role in driving excellent implementation of Measure 98, so these important programs make it to the­­ classroom in a big way.

Rep. Reardon is a former school board member for the David Douglas School District. He sticks up for our students, especially those from underserved communities. We look forward to working with him next session.

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