Janelle Bynum, House District 51


In her questionnaire, Janelle stressed that she’ll be a fierce advocate for low-income students and students of color, who are often underserved in Oregon’s public education system:

“I feel it is our duty as Oregonians to make sure all children have an opportunity to succeed in life. The fact that low income students, and often times communities of color, see lower achievement rates speaks to a systemic problem that we can and need to address on the state level. The three suggestions [from Measure 98] are great first steps in beginning the process. Furthermore, we need to make sure that educators and educational material are culturally competent and relevant. This will go a long way towards addressing educational achievement gaps in low income communities and communities of color.”

Why we're endorsing Janelle Bynum

In addition to being a bold advocate that will work toward closing the persistent achievement gap in Oregon schools, Janelle Bynum has endorsed Measure 98. As Janelle Bynum stressed in her questionnaire, “You will not find a stronger supporter of the goals of Measure 98.” Measure 98 aims to raise Oregon’s abysmal graduation rate with the expansion of career technical education and other proven programs. Janelle will be an important player in making sure the legislature implements the ballot measure.

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