Representative David Gomberg, House District 10

Why we endorsed Rep. David Gomberg

Rep. Gomberg believes as Oregonians, we can do more to support our children along their path to achieve their dreams. He endorses Measure 98, the ballot measure that will expand career technical education and college prep in Oregon high schools. He will be an important player to ensure the successful implementation of Measure 98, so these vital programs reach the classroom and truly make a difference.

Rep. Gomberg recently touted the importance of improving Oregon’s abysmal school attendance rates on an OPB Think Out Loud segment. Attendance was a key issue Stand’s endorsement committee considered when making endorsement decisions. Rep. Gomberg also raised awareness about Oregon having one of the shortest school years. In the segment, he said, “In Oregon, we are three weeks behind the national average in the number of teaching days we offer – so that means that a kid that goes through our schools after 12 years has a year less time in the classroom than students from [other] states do. And that certainly translates into their readiness to go out into the world and thrive and to go out into the workplace and thrive as well.”

Rep. Gomberg, a member of the Joint Ways and Means Committee, scored a solid 85 percent on our legislative scorecard

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