Your School Board Questions Answered

Parent & Family Engagement | 10/21/2021

Diana Marquez Guerrero

Only a couple of months ago Stand worked hard to elect four new school board members to the Salem Keizer school board and endorsed candidates across the state who put students and families first. These victories were thanks to a large community driven effort to elect school board members who reflect the community and value community input. With the success of the elections comes the most important work: holding our elected leaders accountable. It is important we speak to our leaders about the changes we want to see in our schools.

What does the school board do? 

A school board has various responsibilities. Its primary role is to work with the community to establish the values and goals of the school district. School boards set policies for the Superintendent's staff to put into practice. The school board also approves budgets. Lastly, the school board hires and evaluates the district Superintendent whose job is implementing the school board’s vision.     

How do you share ideas/issues with the school board?

Each school district’s school board has their own process for taking in community input. In Salem Keizer School District, where I live, the school board has monthly meetings open to the public on the second Tuesday of the month. Community members can submit written testimony or sign up for public comment here. The window to submit comments is open from the Friday before the school board meeting until the day of the meeting. If you would not like to submit a public comment but wish to watch the meeting, you can watch here.

We must use our voice and power to ensure the school board’s decisions reflect the needs of the community and improve our schools for all children. Together, we can make a difference.

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