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Legislation | 04/13/2021

Stand for Children, Oregon Team

Today, April 13, is a huge deadline for House Bill 2001, which protects diverse teachers from disproportionately losing their jobs in the event of layoffs. To continue through the legislative process, the House Education Committee will need to pass an amended version of the bill. Lawmakers need to hear how much Oregonians support protecting diverse teachers.

We – along with Oregon education leaders like COSAOSBA, and the ESDs– are asking lawmakers to pass the "-5 amendment" along with HB 2001. Can you take a moment to contact the committee in support of HB 2001 and the -5 amendment? 

HB 2001 updates a current Oregon state law which requires districts to follow a "last in, first out" policy in the event of layoffs. Without HB 2001-5, we’re putting decades of commitment and progress at risk, as many diverse teachers are the most recent hires and would be the first laid off. HB 2001-5 would ensure teacher diversity is a factor in the event of teacher layoffs.

You can support diverse teachers by emailing your lawmaker and urging them to vote yes on the “-5 amendment.” Doing so will ensure we are protecting educators who have the breadth and depth of cultural and linguistic expertise that helps our kids thrive. The bill needs to be amended to ensure diverse teachers are protected in every possible scenario – this is a normal part of the process that effectively ensures we close all loopholes.  

House Bill 2001 and the -5 amendment are supported by the Coalition of School Administrators (COSA), Oregon School Board Association (OSBA), the Oregon Association of Education Service Districts, and many community-led organizations. We have been working side by side with these organizations since the last time you heard from us to produce this amended version of the bill – this is our #1 priority at Stand for Children. Now, we need your help to get it across the finish line.


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