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Upcoming Events | 12/05/2018

Elona Wilson

We’ve all heard it said that it takes a village to raise a child, so what does it take to raise 570,857? 

It’s no secret that Oregon has the third-worst graduation rate in the country. One-in-four students in our schools does not graduate on time, and those who do often need remedial courses before they can earn credit towards a degree. Kids who want to work directly out of high school watch good paying jobs go unfilled because the skills taught in our schools don’t match the needs that employers are hiring for. 

Whether you are a parent, grandparent, neighbor to a child, or just someone who cares about investing in the next generation, there is much work to do. Every child in Oregon is counting on you – their village – to ensure they get the education they deserve. 

The first step was passing Measure 98 into law. The targeted investments it makes in CTE, dropout prevention and dual credit opportunities were intentionally selected because they are proven to raise graduation rates and improve education outcomes.

But Measure 98 is only as effective as the resources we put behind it. Lawmakers half-funded it for its first biennium, meaning they left half of its potential on the chopping room floor.

That ends in 2019.

Stand for Children and our partners across the state will not rest until we secure full funding from the legislature.

In a series of strategy calls yesterday, the Stand family of parents, students, educators and advocates began planning for the hard work ahead. The good news is lawmakers – everyone from Governor Brown to the sitting members of the Joint Committee on Student Success – are calling for full funding. The even-better news is Stand leaders and partners know how to be heard.

In the coming months, we’re arranging opportunities for Oregonians in every corner of the state to meet with lawmakers, and we need you to join in! Here are just a few of our upcoming events that we hope to see you at:

December 8th: Legislative updates in Lane County
8:00 AM: North Eugene Legislative Meeting
11:00 AM: South Eugene Legislative Meeting
2:00 PM: Springfield Legislative Meeting

January 9th @ 7:30 AM: Legislative Breakfast in Portland

February 18th @ 9AM-5PM: Lobby Day in Salem

As the Civil Rights icon, Rosa Parks, famously said to a rally crowd in 1996:
“If I can sit down for justice, you can stand up for children.”

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