Today was a good day for education in Oregon

Current Events & News | 05/20/2019

Parasa Chanramy
Policy & Implementation Director

Today was a good day for education in Oregon. A very good day.

We just witnessed Governor Brown sign the Student Success Act (HB 3427) into law. Many lawmakers, educators, students, and advocates gathered at Washington Elementary School to be part of this historic moment.

This landmark legislation dedicates $2 billion in revenues from a corporate activities tax to early childhood education and K-12 investments, including full funding of Measure 98.We finally did it!

Of course, none of this work is done in isolation. We couldn’t have done it without your support.

Thank you for sending emails, making calls, knocking doors, meeting with lawmakers and never giving up.

Our collective efforts led to a monumental generational investment in Oregon students. It is one of the greatest investments we can make in their future, and in Oregon’s future.

Please join me in using your voice once more for this cause to send an email to Governor Brown, thanking her for her leadership on the Student Success Act.

Eamil Governor Brown

Even though the Student Success Act is now the law, our work goes on. We must support the implementation of this Act and defend against any repeal efforts.

Our weekly calls are more important than ever now, as we make sure all of this hard work is secure for students now and in the future.

Every Friday from noon to 12:30pm during session (until June 30)
Tune in by phone: 408-740-3766 Access code: 669 855 1592 #
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Key updates from last week:

Last week, the Senate voted and passed the Student Success Act on May 13! Wahoo! The House passed the budget bill for the Student Success Act, as well as a $9 billion allocation for the State School Fund. Overall, it was an incredible week for education funding in Oregon.

State economists released their May revenue forecast. Oregon is still experiencing some growth, however, our economy is starting to slow down. They reported that projected 2017-19 net general fund resources are up $883 million; including lottery revenues, net resources are up $908 million. With that, Oregon’s outdated kicker law has been triggered for personal and corporate taxes.State economists stated that Oregon’s personal kicker credit could grow to a record-setting $1.4 billion for 2019-21. As for the corporate kicker, state economists said that the corporate tax revenue of $616 million is projected to be dedicated to K-12 education spending.

The Joint Committee for Student Success (JCSS) worked on some additional bills related to dual credit transfer bill, CTSOs, and sexual misconduct. They also had hearings on bills that addressed electronic transcripts, HECC and university partnership, early learning professionals, and classroom clears.

The Education Subcommittee on Ways and Means had another presentation on Measure 98 and other related grant-in-aid programs.

As the May 24 deadline looms, policy committee members are working very hard to move bills before the cutoff date.

The Senate Education Committee worked a number of bills and also received presentations on Oregon’s GED program and STEM. You can watch those public meetings here.

The House Education Committee also worked a handful of bills and heard presentations on the GED program and Oregon outdoor school. You can watch those public meetings here.

What’s on the docket this week:

JCSS will meet again tomorrow evening to hold a hearing on an essential skills bill and work sessions on CTE and computer science, room clears and student transportation.

The Education Subcommittee on Ways and Means will be receiving presentations on Baby Promise and Child Care Block Grant, and the Educator Advancement Council.

Both the Senate and House Education Committees are continuing to work quickly to move bills before the May 24 deadline.

For more details about what’s happening during session, tune in every Friday during session at NOON for a recap and preview of each week.

Tune in by phone: 408-740-3766 Access code: 669 855 1592 #
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