Thank you, Salem-Keizer!

Elections | 05/20/2021

Diana Marquez Guerrero
Salem Organizer

To all who volunteered in this year's School Board elections, thank you for all of your support in our campaign to elect four amazing candidates for the Salem-Keizer School Board! It is confirmed that two of our endorsed candidates have won their seats in the Salem Keizer School Board: Osvaldo Avila (Zone 1) and María Hinojos Pressey (Zone 7). This is historic for Salem-Keizer! We now have two Latinx school board members in a district with 44% Latinx students. Although we are still waiting for final results in the other two races, we already have major victories to celebrate.

In this campaign we were over 150 volunteers who reached out to voters across the school district. 

Equally important we saw the highest number of voter turnout in the school board election in recent years with over 43,000 votes! Not only that, but we also saw the highest turnout for Latinx voters ever! The turnout this year doubled what we saw in the last election in 2019. 

It is very clear that this campaign was born from and driven by community mobilizing. We all played a part in achieving the success of this campaign; whether you called voters with us, hosted a lawn sign, or emailed a friend to vote. We are one step closer to creating a school board that listens to and reflects the community they represent.

Once again, thank you for prioritizing the students in the Salem Keizer School District.

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