SSA Passed! And Other Key Updates

Current Events & News | 05/14/2019

Parasa Chanramy
Policy & Implementation Director

After nearly a week of delay and much compromise, state senators struck a deal yesterday that brought Republicans back from a walkout that had denied quorum, and blocked a vote on the Student Success Act.

Senators debated for nearly two hours before passing the landmark legislation (H.B. 3427) with 18 votes. It now heads to Governor Brown’s desk to be signed into law.

The legislation fully funds Measure 98, and invests nearly $2 billion in other vital improvements to our schools. To cover the costs of these urgently needed improvements, the bill creates a commercial activities tax.

We wouldn’t be here without the leadership of so many people in the Stand community who stood up and spoke out for Measure 98. Likewise, we wouldn’t be here without the many state lawmakers who put politics aside for the benefit of our students, and I hope you’ll join us in thanking them with just one click below.

Thank lawmakers

Even after the Governor signs the bill into law, our work isn’t over yet. I’ll hope that you’ll join us for our upcoming calls to learn more about what happened, what’s next, and how you can help.

Upcoming calls for Stand leaders, members, and partners:
Every Friday from noon to 12:30pm during session (until June 30)
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Key updates from last week:

Last week, the Joint Committee for Student Success (JCSS) worked on some additional bills related to early learning, abbreviated school days, and assessments. They also had hearings on bills that dealt with room clears and harassment.

The Education Subcommittee on Ways and Means had presentations on K-12 assessments, Oregon Opportunity Grant, Oregon Promise, and emergency student assistance, and Measure 98 and other related grant-in-aid programs.

The Senate Education Committee heard bills relating to Sexual Assault Task Force, Oregon Healthy Teen Survey, supports for foster children and the Office of Community Colleges and Workforce Development. You can watch those public meetings here.

The House Education Committee heard bills relating to tuition equity for graduate students, applied baccalaureate degree programs, instruction about the Holocaust and genocide. You can watch those public meetings here.

What’s on the docket this week:

In addition to the big Senate vote that happened yesterday, the House also took a big vote to provide $9 billion for the State School Fund on Monday.

JCSS will reconvene this evening to hold a hearing on bills related to electronic transcripts, HECC and university partnerships, early learning professionals, and classroom clears; and move a few more education bills related to dual credit transfer bill (one of our priority bills), Career-Technical Student Organizations, and sexual misconduct.

The Education Subcommittee on Ways and Means will be hearing the rest of ODE’s presentation on Measure 98 and other related grant-in-aid programs (continued from last week).

Both the Senate and House Education Committees are working fast to move bills before the May 24 deadline – that’s when committees must hold work sessions on second chamber measures.

The Senate Education committee will review Oregon’s GED and STEM programs, as well as work several House bills.

The House Education will also review Oregon’s GED program, as well as outdoor school, and other bills related to alternative education and tuition.

And last, but not least, the revenue forecast will be released this week. I’ll share more details with you on that during our call this Friday at noon.

For more details about what’s happening during session, tune in every Friday during session at NOON for a recap and preview of each week.

Tune in by phone: 408-740-3766 Access code: 669 855 1592 #


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