A Snapshot of the 2019 Student Success Act

Current Events & News | 04/05/2019

Parasa Chamramy
Policy and Implementation Director

Lawmakers in Salem have unveiled their framework for the 2019 Student Success Act yesterday (H.B. 2019). The Act provides a framework for additional spending in these key buckets: School Improvement Fund, Statewide Initiatives (which includes full funding for Measure 98), and Early Learning.

To pay for these investments, lawmakers will present their revenue framework very soon.

If this Act passes, it would be the largest categorical investment in education in Oregon’s history.

School Improvement Fund  

The framework invests in the school improvement fund, which includes lowering class sizes and caseloads, providing resources to ensure a well-rounded education (reading at grade-level by 3rd grade, robust curriculum investments and strengthening middle school, and providing for arts, music and physical education). The framework also invests in social/emotional supports for students, and expanding learning time

Statewide Initiatives

The framework fully funds Measure 98, and the vital investments it makes in career-technical education (CTE), dropout prevention and college level learning opportunities. It also targets funding for the statewide equity initiatives, universal meals, and youth re-engagement.

Early childhood

The framework invests in the Early Learning Equity Fund and expands  early childhood opportunities for three- and four-year-old children across the state, including programs like Early Head Start and Preschool Promise.

This is BIG 

This investment that is over and above the State School Fund would be historic. We need your help in making this a reality.

Contact your lawmaker today to let them know that you support the Student Success Act (H.B. 2019).

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