Ruby Bridges Walk to School Day

Parent & Family Engagement | 11/18/2021

Joy Marshall
State Organizing Director

On November 17, dozens of students and community members in Eugene and Springfield participated in the “Ruby Bridges Walk to School Day”. If you don’t know about civil rights icon Ruby Bridges, she is a true hero. 

Walks in her honor took place all over the country. The goal was to get children interested in civil rights, and make the issue of true opportunity  real for what students and their families face today. It was community building, and fun! Thanks to the Lane African-American Black Student Success staff for organizing the walk.

Here is an excerpt from a “Letter from Ruby Bridges “

“By joining me today, you have made it clear that you are ready to take steps to building a better future where racism, and all forms of bullying, have no place. We are walking together today and talking about ideas I have been discussing with kids throughout the country for years! The solution is really very simple: Treat others as you would want them to treat you. Basically, practicing the golden rule... 

This is such an exciting day for me. Sixty-one years ago, I stepped out of the Marshal’s car and walked into my new school. I was a kid alone, surrounded by adults, and I didn’t understand why some seemed so angry while others were kind. It took me a long time that year to understand what was happening and why. 

…each person has an important part in shaping our future. Every day you can decide to be kind, to help each other out, and to say no to bullying. I know that if we can commit to making that change together today, and each day going forward, that we will change the world together. 

… Together, one step at a time we can commit to a better tomorrow, and to stomp out racism and bullying!

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