PDX: Vote YES to Invest in Our Schools

Elections | 10/13/2020

Elona Wilson
Oregon Organizer

Two things have become abundantly clear in the last six months: our schools need more funding. We must take steps towards racial justice. 

What if I told you your vote could make both of those things happen?

This month, I’m asking you to vote YES on Measure 26-215. It’s a Portland Public School Bond that will bring over $1 billion to our schools without introducing any new taxes.   

The bond will include desperately needed renovations to Jefferson HS – a predominantly Black high school. Your YES vote will also mean funding for a “Center for Black Student Excellence” to be designed and imagined by the community. This bond will bring much needed funding to our schools and make drastic improvements towards achieving racial justice for our students.

Sign your name to show your dedication to improving our schools and strengthening our community.

Beyond that, there has been a lot of discussion in recent months around keeping our students safe. It’s an issue that has been here long before – and could be here after – this pandemic is over. Many of Portland’s school buildings lack proper air filtration, have leaking roofs, mechanical issues, and insufficient locks and alarm systems. Perhaps most troubling, many schools don’t currently meet basic accessibility standards.

Portland Public Schools need our support to change that. The bond will provide funding – without introducing any new taxes – to make critical health & safety investments in our schools.

"The need for sustained and massive investment in our schools could not be any more apparent." - The Oregonian


Your vote will also enable the district to modernize curriculum and includes funding for Chromebooks which would give Portland students access to the education they deserve. See the full list of how the bond will renew, invest, and modernize Portland Public Schools at yespdxschools.com and sign your name to show your dedication to improving our public schools.

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