Our 2021 School Board Endorsements

Elections | 04/08/2021

Stand for Children, Oregon Team

Oregon School Board elections are here! We're proud to be endorsing candidates for school board across Oregon. The following candidates have demonstrated clear values of community-first, equitable approach to their roles and we're proud to stand by them. Endorsed candidates are listed in alphabetical order by school district. 

Ballots must be turned in via dropbox by 8:00 p.m. on May 18. Find a ballot drop box near you

Beaverton School District 

Karen Pérez-Da Silva

Stand for Children Oregon is proud to endorse Karen Pérez-Da Silva for school board in Beaverton Zone 2. Karen is an accomplished first-generation Salvadoran, doctor & educator with a strong focus on promoting inclusivity and equity. 

She is a Beaverton School District mom and has 20+ years of education experience consisting of (but not limited to) founding the Beaverton Minority Educator Community alongside other members, co-leading the Barne Elementary Latino Parent Group, serving as a Beaverton Schools Kindergarten teacher with over 16 years of experience in the MultiLingual department. 

Susan Greenberg

We are proud to endorse Susan Greenberg for Beaverton School District’s Zone 1. Susan has served on the Beaverton School Board since 2013, championing important initiatives such as the Student Success Act. Susan currently also serves as the Deputy Director of the Jewish Family & Child Service organization. We look forward to working alongside her and helping her continue to improve outcomes for Beaverton students.  

Sunita Garg

Stand for Children Oregon is proud to endorse Sunita Garg for Beaverton School District’s Zone 4. As an active accountant and CPA since 1999, Sunita will bring a powerfully unique perspective to Beaverton’s school board. She recognizes the importance of budgetary guidance, and uses her fiscal-toolset in various facets throughout her life to better her surrounding community; Sunita is a member of the Beaverton Community on Aging. We are excited to see Sunita impart her unique skill set on Beaverton’s school board decision-making process.

Ugonna Enyinnaya

We are proud to endorse Ugonna Enyinnaya for Beaverton School District’s Zone 5. Ugonna has an impressive legal career spanning four college degrees and currently works as a paralegal for the Oregon Department of Justice. Ugonna is a highly intelligent, capable candidate with a growing heart for her community; her membership of the Beaverton City DEI Advisory Board and as commissioner of the Oregon Commission for Women demonstrates an intersection of these two strong suits. In Beaverton, Ugonna plans to put forward her unique experience as an accomplished immigrant with a heart for her community in a way that will help guide inclusive perspectives for years to come.


Centennial School District 

David Linn

Stand for Children Oregon is proud to endorse David Linn for Centennial School District’s Zone 1. Not only is David a dedicated husband and father to a Parkland 6th grader, but also a long-time community leader. Following his experience of graduating from Madison High School and witnessing first-hand the difficulty that inequitable budget cuts can have on children, David worked to manage political campaigns, served on various state-wide committees and continues to be committed to his community. We are deeply excited to see David’s efforts focus on the roadblocks faced by thousands of Oregon students every year and at one point in time, himself.

Erica Fuller

Stand for Children Oregon is proud to endorse Erica Fuller for Centennial School District’s Zone 6. Erica is a strong community leader with a sense of connection to the district that she graduated from. Having served as a volunteer throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, studied political science and coordinated with state-wide endorsers, Erica demonstrates a deep understanding of her community’s rooted interest. 

Heath Curry

We are proud to endorse Heath Curry for Centennial School District’s Zone 7. Heath is an experienced paralegal with a strong sense of community-focused justice, committing to being a juvenile justice defender, youth monitor and parent. Heath has a deep understanding of the struggles that underprivileged youth experience from a perspective as a guide and a helper. We look forward to seeing the depth of his experience extend into the school board as a unique and powerful member. 


Corvallis School District 

Luhui Whitebear

Stand for Children Oregon is proud to endorse Luhui Whitebear for Corvallis School District’s Zone 4. Luhui is currently pursuing a PhD at OSU and has published extensive dissertations after overcoming the barriers of being a first-generation college student. Luhui has focused on building a constructive dialogue around race, gender, and culture her whole life, and with her extensive list of endorsements, we can see she will continue to be an invaluable asset to the Corvallis school board.  

Sami Al-AbdRabbuh

Stand for Children Oregon is proud to endorse Sami Al-AbdRabbuh for Corvallis School District’s Zone 1. Having served as chair of the board since 2017 and President of the Oregon School Board Members of Color Caucus, Sami is a truly empowering community leader. His extensive resume demonstrates his varied dedication to doing genuine good for the community, whether through disaster-relief dissertations on the path to a PhD or empowering children with insight to the STEM community. We are excited to continue to see Sami cultivate a better future for all students.

Shauna Tominey

Stand for Children Oregon is proud to endorse Shauna Tominey for Corvallis School District’s Zone 5. Shauna is an experienced academic with a deep understanding of schooling as an environment with a great ability to impart social-emotional education and values. Her experience as an accomplished author and assistant professor combine to create a knowledge-driven look at improving our communities. We look forward to seeing Shauna transform data into genuine progress which has a meaning to the students within her district.

Vince Adams 

We are proud to endorse Vince Adams for Corvallis School District’s Zone 4. His efforts as a school board member since 2013 helped raise Corvallis’ graduation rate by 18 points, Vince is a demonstrated community leader and powerful board member. Combined with his new efforts focusing on development with the Oregon School Boards Association, we are excited to see Vince excel at a local and state level. 


David Douglas School District 

Andrea Valderrama

Stand for Children Oregon is proud to endorse Representative Andrea Valderrama for David Douglas School District’s Zone 6. Andrea has been on the board - currently sitting as chair - since 2016 whilst also heading advocacy for the Coalition of Communities of Color and was recently appointed state representative for House District 47 in East Portland. Her accomplishments shed light on her determined, equity-focused efforts. She has developed a deep understanding of how to work closely with communities, and we’re excited to see her continue to apply her experiences and perspective to the school board.

Donna Barber

Stand for Children Oregon is proud to endorse Donna Barber for David Douglas School District’s Zone 1. Donna has been on the David Douglas school board since 2018, and utilizes her powerful experiences as a leader with emphasis on urban development to its full potential. She currently serves as Executive Director & Co-Founder of The Voices, her latest project in promoting equity through liberation and transformation. We are enthusiastic to see her continue her efforts.

Hoa Nguyen

Stand for Children Oregon is proud to endorse Hoa Nguyen for David Douglas School District’s Zone 3. Growing up in the minority of Asian students throughout her public schooling experience, Hoa valued her public schooling experience and hopes to one day avoid other students mirroring her experience. She’s dedicated her career to promoting equity in schools, whether through being a board member on the API Forward Foundation or developing new models as an attendance coach for Portland Public Schools. Her love for her public schools is deeply-seated - Hoa will make a fantastic, determined school board member.

 Eugene 4J School District

Judy Newman

We are proud to endorse Judy Newman for Eugene 4J School Board. Judy has over 45 years of experience with a strong focus on early learning and special education. She founded and co-directed Early Childhood CARES, the public education program that has served over 25,000 children with special needs and their families and has been a faculty member at the University of Oregon college of education for 40 years. Judy is an experienced problem solver who brings people together and is committed to equity. Learn more. 

Maya Rabasa

Stand for Children Oregon is proud to endorse Maya Rabasa for Eugene 4J school board. Maya is a parent, a longtime community leader and a volunteer. She serves on the School District Equity Committee and the Budget Committee and serves on the board of Centro Latino Americano. Learn more. 

Laural O'Rourke

We are proud to endorse Laural for Eugene 4J school board. Laural has 2 children still in 4J schools and 3 who have graduated. Laurel serves on local community boards including the Eugene City Club, is an affordable housing advocate and wants to bring the voice and experience of a parent of color to the board. Learn more. 

Gresham-Barlow School District 

Blake Petersen

Stand for Children Oregon is proud to endorse Blake Petersen for Gresham-Barlow School District’s Zone 4. Blake was born in Gresham and raised in Gresham schools, where he has served as chair of the board since 2017 and works as an analyst for the City of Gresham. Beyond that, he is a devoted husband and foster parent. We are glad to have a citizen with such community ties as Blake to be serving on our school boards, and look forward to working alongside him further. 

Cathy Vendeley Keathley

We are proud to endorse Cathy Vandehey Keathley for Gresham-Barlow School District Zone 3. Committed to an approach of listening to the community and making thoughtful, evidence-based decisions, Cathy aims to work together to find the best solutions for our children. A mom of three kids and member of the Principal’s Advisory Council, we look forward to Cathy’s student-first approach.

Mayra Gómez

Stand for Children Oregon is proud to endorse incumbent Mayra Gómez for Gresham-Barlow School Board’s Position 6. With experience in Gresham schools as the AVID coordinator, ELL teacher, a degree in Urban Education as well as a long list of other education positions, Mayra is experienced working directly with students. Her personal experience with younger generations empower her to be a compelling candidate, and we are excited to see her continue to do so as she enters her next term.

Julie Frediani

We are proud to endorse Julie Frediani for Gresham-Barlow School Board. Julie has worked in the Gresham Barlow School for 30 years, retiring last year. She currently teaches a K/1 cohort three mornings a week and substitutes for Hollydale Elementary. She has taught online and in person this school year and as a parent and grandparent, knows what it's like to have kids in school during this pandemic. 

Hillsboro School District 

Erika Lopez

Stand for Children Oregon is proud to endorse incumbent Erika Lopez for Hillsboro School District’s Position 1. Erika has served as Chair since 2017, with great success in passing a $408 million Capital Construction Bond, adopting equity in educational policy, and expanded parent advisory committees. Outside her position as chair, she has taken direct action as part of Hillsoboro’s School-to-Career program and in the Parks and Recreation department. She is a loving mother of two, and a devoted activist for her community.

Jaci Spross

Stand for Children Oregon is proud to endorse incumbent Jaci Spross for Hillsboro School District’s Position 6. Jaci has lived in Hillsboro for over 20 years as a proud mother of two graduates; empowering the values of integrity, compassion and respect. Having served on seven committees in her time as a school board member and countless volunteer and community-based positions, her experience and passion is clearly demonstrated. We are looking forward to seeing Jaci continue the hard work she started in her last term.

Mark Watson

Stand for Children Oregon is proud to endorse incumbent Mark Watson for Hillsboro School District’s Position 2. Having lived in Hillsboro for over 20 years and having two children who attended schools within the district, Mark is familiar with Hillsboro and enthusiastic about prioritizing sports and arts. He founded a sports technology team and focused on recruitment of student athletes, served on the STEM advisory committee, and worked closely with music directors in creating a more representative school environment. Mark understands the value in a diverse selection of classes that extends beyond the basics, and we are looking forward to seeing him continue to champion these values. 


Lake Oswego School District

Liz Hartman

Stand for Children Oregon is proud to endorse Liz Hartman for Lake Oswego School District. Currently presiding as Executive Director of the Lake Oswego’s Chamber of Commerce and being a near eight-year incumbent, Liz is an intelligent leader with the community backing to lead from a varied perspective. She can be found volunteering locally within the parent club or fundraising for the schools and isn’t afraid to communicate with the locals. 

Neelam Gupta

Stand for Children Oregon is proud to endorse Neelam Gupta for Lake Oswego School District’s board. Neelam has tackled roles in the Oregon Health Authority, local parent clubs, and policy consultancy, Neelam has a strong sense of community interest in the sense of benefiting the people around her. 

Lane Community College 

Holli Johnson

Holli is a graduate of U of O and OSU. She has worked at five different community colleges in San Diego, CA, Casa Grande, AZ and Portland, OR.  Her positions focused on outreach and expanding college access for under-represented students. Currently, she is the Coordinator for the African American-Black Student Success Program that serves Black youth in all 16 school districts in Lane County.  She is an active community volunteer, including chairing the Lane County NAACP Education Committee.


Lane Education Service District

Rose Wilde

Rose has a long history serving in Lane County.  She began serving on the board of Lane Education Service District in 2013 after working with LESD staff to build a healthy safety net for children in the community. Her professional career in public health and social services includes work in local non-profits, the University of Oregon, and the Oregon Department of Human Services, always in support of local families. Rose has a Master’s Degree from OSU in Public Health.  She currently serves as a leader of the local chapter of Showing Up for Racial Justice, a grassroots organization mobilizing the community in support of a multi-racial movements for racial, economic, gender and social justice.  As a board member she makes her focus on equity and excellence - so that all students can achieve their full potential. Rose was actively involved in promoting the Student Success Act, and supporting the work of Lane ESD to help local K-12 districts re-open and implement their SSA plans. 


Medford School District

Jeff Kinsella

Stand for Children Oregon is proud to endorse incumbent Jeff Kinsella for Chair of Medford School District’s board. Jeff’s service as an inner-city educator for eight years is one of a multitude of unique life experiences that make him such a compelling chair. He has been living in Medford since 1995 and developed a passion for building genuine relationships through decades-long community partnerships and being an avid volunteer. We look forward to seeing Jeff put genuine kindness and passion first as chair and utilize his unique experience to better Medford as a whole. 


Multnomah Educational Service District

Amanda Squiemphen-Yazzie

Stand for Children Oregon is proud to endorse Amanda Squiemphen-Yazzie for Multnomah Educational Service District’s Position 1. Amanda’s ties to her community and work experience are extensive. She has a strong sense of community partnership through social work and political campaigns which have built her perspective through first-hand experience. 

Helen Ying

Stand for Children Oregon is proud to endorse incumbent Helen Ying for Multnomah Educational Service District’s Position 2. Helen’s educational experience spans over 30 years, from math teaching, high school counselling, and now being a hearings officer for a local district. Her community leadership positions span education, civil rights, social justice and much more. With our partnership in mind, we hope that we can work together to help further her mission of engaging and empowering people to take direct action in improving their communities.

Jessica Arzate

Stand for Children Oregon is proud to endorse Incumbent Jessica Arzate for Multnomah Educational Service District’s Position 4. Currently serving as Vice Chair, Jessica also serves in leadership roles for the Women’s Foundation of Oregon, Senior Director of Impact at Greater Than, and in numerous other philanthropic efforts. Jessica has also worked as an ESL teacher and in hands-on volunteering opportunities, ensuring she is fully committed to anything that will help out her community. Overall, it’s the special care and love for community Jessica pours into all her facets of life that make her an excellent person we hope to work alongside with soon. 


North Clackamas School District

Kathy Wai

Stand for Children Oregon is proud to endorse incumbent Kathy Wai for North Clackamas School District’s Position 5. Kathy demonstrates a deep care for equity and unity by her efforts working for Girls Inc. of the Pacific Northwest, the Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization, and the Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon. Her B.S. in community health and nearing four years on the school board further highlight her value as health and community become increasingly intertwined in our current reality. Kathy brings experience, passion and perspective that is irreplaceable and makes her an exciting prospect to continue work with. 

Mitzi Bauer

Stand for Children Oregon is proud to endorse incumbent Mitzi Bauer for North Clackamas School District’s Position 6. Having been appointed to her initial seat on the board in 2016, Mitzi is an experienced candidate for her position. Having provided testimony on state bills, and being affiliated with the Oregon Health Justice Recovery Alliance, Mitzi is passionate about advocating for her community. 

Tory McVay

Stand for Children Oregon is proud to endorse incumbent Tory McVay for North Clackamas School District’s Position 4. With a 36 year history in financial services, Tory knows budgeting and policy direction from a fiscal standpoint. His community connections are clear through his board experience which started in serving as Vice Chair and Chair in both the Budget Board in 2011 as well as the School Board in 2013. Having board members with a budgetary background is so vital in ensuring money is being allocated equitably and effectively, and with Tory, budgetary concerns will meet community-mindedness.


North Marion School District

Bill Graupp

Stand for Children Oregon is proud to endorse Bill Graupp for North Marion School District’s Vice Chair position. With Bill being appointed as Color Caucus Vice President for the Oregon State School Board Association, Bill is an experienced civic leader with equity clearly in mind. He has served as mayor, the planning commission for Aurora, the Oregon Mayors Association board, and other board positions. 


Parkrose School District

Sonja McKenzie

Stand for Children Oregon is proud to endorse incumbent Sonja McKenzie for Parkrose School District’s Position 4. Sonja is not just a busy mom to four teens, but a leader who was recently appointed to serve on the National School Boards Action Center's Board of Directors. Her leadership experience ranges includes serving on the Oregon School Board Color Caucus as well as other volunteer opportunities. We look forward to seeing Sonja continue her experience as a dedicated school board member on the local level and applying her unique perspective to her own district. 


Portland Public Schools

Gary Hollands

Stand for Children Oregon is proud to endorse Gary Hollands for Portland Public Schools District’s Zone 5. A PPS graduate himself, Gary is a business owner who brings a unique operations mindset to the school board. His unique experience as CEO of an investment group and running his own businesses pushes him to focus on individual outreach and meeting with teachers to hear voices directly from the people with experience. Gary’s unique investment abilities, operations mindset, and prioritization of community voices make him an exciting new candidate we’re looking forward to working with.

Herman Greene

Stand for Children Oregon is proud to endorse Herman Greene for Portland Public Schools Position/Zone 4. While some know Herman as an impassioned pastor for Southlake North Church, Herman’s passion for his community extends far beyond that. In running for PPS, Herman is hoping to take lessons he learned from being a pastor and apply them to accomplish three main goals; increasing graduation rates, promoting equitable opportunities, and building stronger connections regarding community colleges and CTE programs. Herman is known for always bringing a smile and a positive attitude to everything he does.

Julia Brim-Edwards

Stand for Children Oregon is proud to endorse incumbent Julia Brim-Edwards for Portland Public Schools Zone 6. Julia has spent decades of her life calling for equity and improvements to education, whether it be the “10 Great Fields” project which brought new athletic fields to every PPS high school, or serving as a staffer for a U.S. Senator. She serves on OSU’s Board of trustees and is known for her strong ability to invoke genuine change for communities. Working with Julia would be championing a fighter for positive change that is grounded in genuine life experience; we’re excited to see the result for PPS in the coming years. 


Reynolds School District

Cayle Tern

Stand for Children Oregon is proud to endorse Cayle Tern for Reynolds School District’s Position 4. Cayle worked alongside marginalized communities in East Multnomah with the Oregon Department of Human Services, and plans to bring these communities' voices forward in a unique and empowering way. Cayle is committed to standing up for student health services, positive learning environments, and creating a safe environment that encourages students to want to go to school. 

Michael Reyes

Stand for Children Oregon is proud to endorse Michael Reyes for Reynolds School District’s Position 3. Michael is an experienced community outreach professional, having worked in outreach since the early 2000s. His work encompasses outreach for youth in housing complexes all the way to being the Director of Inclusion and Access at Linfield College. His DEI role and community outreach focus make Michael a great candidate to hold public office, and one where we can rest assured that voices will be centered.


Salem-Keizer School District

Osvaldo Avila

A first-generation Mexican-American, the son of Mexican immigrant farmworkers and the middle child of six siblings, Osvaldo grew up in Independence, Oregon. He is running to provide opportunities to current and future students that he and his family did not have.

Ashley Carson Cottingham

Ashley was born and raised in Bend, Oregon. She is a proud mother of two young and amazing boys. She firmly believes that the ever-changing community needs more diverse voices in the decision-making, especially on our school board.

María Cecilia Hinojos Pressey

The daughter of Mexican immigrants, the mother of a beautiful bicultural daughter and a community advocate, María is running for Salem-Keizer School Board in Zone 7 to create a safe space for parents to advocate for their children’s education and to prioritize helping the most vulnerable.

Karina Guzmán Ortiz

Karina graduated from the Salem-Keizer school district and is a testament to the power of supportive and fearless educators and the resiliency of our people. She is running to make sure our district acknowledges and listens to us all. 


Springfield School Board

Emilio Hernandez

Emilio was elected to the school board in 2017. He has lived in Springfield for more than 45 years and is committed to helping all children gain a meaningful education and experience in our schools. Emilio has served on the district's Budget Committee and the Bond Oversight Committee and also served nine years on the state Board of Education. A former migrant worker, he has been actively involved in both area and national Latino organizations and is passionate about issues affecting families in poverty. With a PhD in higher education, he is currently employed working directly with at-risk youth through Direction Service, a Springfield agency that provides support for disabled children.

Kelly Mason

Kelly is a rising young leader who attended Springfield Schools, and knows the challenges faced by students without a lot of resources who want to attend college.  She is passionate about education and seeing students succeed.  She has dedicated her career to this work and now serves as an academic advisor for the UO’s Pathway Oregon program that offers free tuition to Oregon residents with financial need.  She partners with local high schools to share information and mentorship for students throughout the college application and financial aid process.

She is very engaged in the community, and serves as chair of the CDAC (Community Development Advisory Board) of Springfield,  where she hears the concerns of other Springfield residents and helps make important decisions about current community development initiatives. She is bilingual, and is committed to connecting  with Latinx students and parents to ensure that they always have the information they need to thrive! Learn more. 

Tigard-Tualatin School District

Marvin Lynn

Stand for Children Oregon is proud to endorse Marvin Lynn for Tigard-Tualatin School District’s Position 5. Marvin is a philanthropist at heart, and while also serving as Dean of Portland State University has taken on multiple board roles locally and nationally. Notably, Marvin is a member of the Oregon Educator Advancement Council for the Oregon Department of Education; his variety of positions help complete him as an intelligent, varied, and highly experienced leader. His publications on critical race theory help guide the ideals of equity in the classroom, and we are truly excited to begin to work with him to transform the work of his publications and culmination of his experience into a tangible impact on his local community.


West Linn-Wilsonville School District

Louis Taylor

Stand for Children Oregon is proud to endorse Louis Taylor for West Linn-Wilsonville School District’s Position 1. What happens when you combine 14 years of higher education board experience and 22 years of financial advisory experience? Louis presents a powerful combination of a dedicated entrepreneur and with a prolonged educational career. 

Seiji Shiratori

Stand for Children Oregon is proud to endorse Seiji Shiratori for West Linn-Wisonville School District’s Position 5. Seiji’s six meritorious honor awards from his time working for the US Department of State are particularly emblematic of the level of experience and unique policy ability Seiji brings to the board. Seini worked in international affairs for over 21 years and in past years has turned towards policy advisory as well as serving as the Policy Director for the Oregon Department of Revenue.


Woodburn School District

Anthony Medina

Stand for Children Oregon is proud to endorse incumbent Anthony Medina for Woodburn School District’s Position 3. Anthony serves currently as the Chair of the board and the treasurer of the Oregon School Board Association’s Color Caucus. Anthony recognized the importance of mentorship and guidance, and has dedicated time and effort to give back and extend the same courtesy to other students.

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