Opportunity packed in a box

College & Career Readiness | 09/24/2018

Jason Resch
Career and Technical Education Director

These boxes hold the promise of exciting new opportunities for students at Benson High School in Northeast Portland.

That’s because packed inside them are computers and monitors to create a computer lab with industry-leading technology like this one down the hall:

These computers are just one example of how Measure 98 investments are changing lives for the better at Portland Public Schools. But that will only continue if lawmakers know about the important impact Measure 98 is having.

That’s where you and I come in.

As Stand for Children Leaders, we can help deliver more opportunities just like these by urging lawmakers to fully fund Measure 98 for the next biennium.

There’s a great opportunity this Thursday, September 27, when lawmakers visit James Madison High School hoping to hear from parents and teachers about how to improve our education system:

Joint Committee for Student Success Visit
President James Madison High School
2735 NE 82nd Avenue in Portland
September 27 at 7:00 PM

Will we see you there?

Take a moment to let us know!

Can’t make it? Click HERE to sign our petition instead and make sure your voice is heard with just one click!

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