A Note From Our State Organizing Director

Parent & Family Engagement | 11/01/2021

Joy Marshall
State Organizing Director

We hope your children have successfully settled back into school. The pandemic continues, but Oregon schools are managing to keep children, families, and staff safe. There have been very few school closures in Oregon. You may have heard about staff shortages in most school districts, and staff are stretched thin, but most students are back, and glad to be back.

 Meanwhile, I urge students and parents to stay engaged in education issues: 

  • Keep your children safe.

            Is your District posting CoVid information so you know if there are infections? Here’s an example that Eugene Stand members thought was very clear and helpful. 

            Is your District offering free CoVid testing or support in getting vaccinated?   

            These are offered by many districts, often in partnership with other local agencies. You can ask your District to do this, too.

  •      Keep in touch with your child’s school and teachers.

            As you know, we are being asked to be extra cautious these days, and keep children home if they have any symptoms of illness.

This can mean children missing more school than they might normally. You can support your child in staying in touch with their teachers, and 

keeping up with the work from home, so they don’t get added stress from missing school.

  • Contact your school board with broader concerns: 

            Your school board is your community voice:

o   Email them

o   listen in to meetings - all meetings are open to the public

o   speak at a minute during the public comment time

Each school board has their own process for taking community input.

Some meet remotely, some are back to limited in-person.


Get info from your School District website. Here are some of them where many of our members live:

Portland Public 




Eugene 4J 



We are staying in touch with Stand members and want to hear from you! Contact me at jmarshall@stand.org about how your children are doing and how we can stand with you to support all students. 

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