No Child Should Be Homeless

Elections | 05/06/2020

Jessie Ayala

Oregon ranks #1 in the nation for homeless children. In the Portland metro region alone, there were over 21,000 K-12 children experiencing homelessness during the 2018-2019 school year; that’s an average of 18 kids per school and the number grows larger every year.

There are 3,310 homeless students in Multnomah County.


There are 1,113 homeless students in Clackamas County. 

There are 2,853 homeless students in Washington County. 


Our students deserve an equitable system that gives them access to all the resources they need to meet their potential.

That’s why we’re proud to endorse Measure 26-210, which you can vote YES on right now.

The HereTogether homeless services measure will enable case managers to help each family, student, or individual get the personal treatment and other supportive services they need to fit their specific situation.


Will you join us and pledge to vote YES on Measure 26-210 today?

I pledge to support our students with Measure 26-210. 

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