In the News: The Injustice of Fines & Fees

Current Events & News | 06/21/2021

Stand for Children, Oregon Team

VICE News spoke with Eugene Stand for Children leader Siobhan about her experience as a teen, being charged unjust administrative fees by the Oregon Youth Authority that followed her and her family well into adulthood. 

She Tried to Steal $15 Pants as a Teen. The Fines Devastated Her Family.

These unjust fees are part of a system that keeps many Oregon kids from succeeding.  

“The dollars raised by the fees are minimal, so the courts are not getting any money out of it. The only thing it’s doing is just keeping people oppressed and setting people up for failure.”, Senator James Manning told VICE. 

With just days left in the legislative session, we need lawmakers to vote yes on Senate Bill 817. Can you join us in sending your lawmakers an email in support of this important bill?


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