Making Our Education Budget More Equitable

School Funding | 03/15/2021

Toya Fick
Executive Director, Stand for Children Oregon

A few years ago, with your support we wrote and passed Measure 98 which has helped raise graduation rates across the state. The state legislature learned from our work and created the Student Success Act which funds even more supports for our students. Both are written to be implemented with equity lens focused on closing the opportunity gaps our most vulnerable students face. 

Both of those efforts total $500 million of the state’s $9.5 billion (that’s billion with a ‘b’) budget. So now, we’re taking on our biggest advocacy challenge yet: making the remaining $9 billion equitable for our students. 

I wrote about what we hope to accomplish in this past Sunday’s opinion section of the Oregonian. Take a look and join us in creating the racially just and equitable system our kids deserve. 

READ: Commitment to equity means changing how we spend education dollars

We need your support to make this happen, can you take a moment to share this with your lawmaker and ask them to make our education funding more equitable?


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