Let's Elect A Community-First School Board

Elections | 03/10/2021

Diana Marquez Guerrero

My name is Diana Marquez Guerrero and I am the new Salem Organizer for Stand for Children. I was born and raised in Salem, Oregon. My family immigrated here from Oaxaca, Mexico.

I am deeply passionate about my community in Salem, especially our schools in the Salem-Keizer school district. As a former student, I am committed to improving our schools. I understand firsthand the challenges that families are facing. Our schools can and must do more to make sure all students receive an equitable and high-quality education.

At Stand, our priority is very clear. We have to change our school board to better reflect the students they serve. The Salem-Keizer school district is made up of 44% Latinx students, yet we have never had a Latinx school board member. The current Salem Keizer school board has failed to listen to students and families, and even gone as far as to limit public input. It is time for a change!

An amazing group of community leaders, organizations, and Stand has come together to elect the right leadership on to our school board. We have endorsed four candidates, three of which are Latinx; they are all working parents who know how hard this past year has been for students and families. I’m proud to share that we have endorsed the following candidates for school board in Salem-Keizer - 

Ashley Carson Cottingham, Karina Guzmán Ortiz, Osvaldo Avila and María Hinojos Pressey. Meet the candidates here.

I am excited to have leadership on our school board who truly know and understand families like mine. Having younger siblings in the school district, I want to make sure I do my part in electing these excellent candidates so that my siblings can have the best education afforded to them. Small elections like these, have the lowest voter turnout which is why we have been left with the inadequate board we have today.

Will you join me in spreading the word about the school board election on May 18? Click here to check or update your voter registration.

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